My Story

Hello there! I’m an 📖 avid reader, 🌲 nature enthusiast, 🥤 consumer of fruit smoothies – and I’m passionate about finding solutions for better digital experiences.

I can empathize with people thanks to my customer support background, while my front-end coding knowledge allows me to bridge the distance between designing and building. In a past life, I competed in 👊🏼 karate tournaments and played 🎸 bass guitar on some garage bands.

Take a 📄 look at my resume and 💬 send me a message – or 🤝 connect with me on LinkedIn.

Andy: UX Designer & Web Developer.

Good design to me is when I can improve the lives of others.

I am always curious about the “why” in how things are 🤔 and how we can use this knowledge to improve the world around us. Good, human-centred design is when people are able to increase their productivity, learn, understand, grow independently, or connect with one another.

Let’s work together!

I have no reservation in recommending Andy Lin as a proactive contributor. His diligence and thoughtfulness are second to none.

Michael Chow, Design Tools Instructor

Andy Lin has a keenness for achieving excellence which has helped him become the talented UX designer he is. He works with total dedication and professionalism.

Ron Jacklin, UX Design Instructor

Andy is a conscientious student, whose lab work was well done. He was engaged in classes, both asking thoughtful questions and contributing to classroom discussions.

Tristan Jutras, Web Analytics Instructor