My Story

Hey there šŸ‘‹! I’m Andy, a product designer currently working to deliver high-impact, end-to-end solutions across various cloud, cybersecurity, networking, and on-prem domains.

A bit about me: I am an avid reader šŸ“– , nature/history enthusiast šŸŒ²šŸ›, and tea enjoyer šŸµšŸ«–.

Take a šŸ“„ look at my resume and šŸ’¬ send me a message – or šŸ¤ connect with me on LinkedIn.

Andy: UX Designer & Web Developer.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked across industries, in both B2B and B2C capacities across various platforms (software, mobile apps, web apps, websites, and dashboards).

Iā€™m passionate about finding solutions for better digital experiences. I enjoy working on broad, open-ended challenges where I can utilize research and a validation-centric angle in my craft.

My customer support and front-end dev (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) backgrounds allow me to bridge the distance between understanding customers, designing, and building. In a past life, I competed in šŸ‘ŠšŸ¼ karate tournaments and played šŸŽø bass guitar on some garage bands.

Good design to me is when I can improve the lives of others. Let’s work together!

Andy’s designs are always full of thoughtfulness, and the interactions are created with great care, in combination with attention to detail. His communication skills are second to none, and cross-functional collaboration is one of his numerous strengths as a UX Designer.

Most importantly Andy always advocates for the end user, and the end result is an incredibly refined and intuitive experience. It’s been a pleasure working with him at Zscaler.

Alex Rozenberg, Ex-Director of UX @Zscaler (currently Head of UX, Zero Trust @Google)

Andy is a past student of mine in the Technical Web Designer (TWD) at BCIT, an intensive program of learning. During our time together, Andy proved himself to be conscientious and dependable. If I had to boil down Andy’s critical attributes to one word, it would be ‘initiative.’

Andy took on more challenging and complex design projects versus taking the easy way. Andy did not hesitate to assist and help others on their projects and assignments so that they run more smoothly too. I have no reservation in recommending Andy Lin as a valuable, proactive contributor. His diligence and thoughtfulness are second to none.

Michael Chow, Design Tools Instructor (+ Senior Creative Graphic Designer)

Andy Lin has a keenness for achieving excellence which has helped him become the talented UX designer he is. He works with total dedication and professionalism.

Andy is also a person with a pleasing demeanor and gets along well with his group/classmates. In fact, he is a group leader and exhibits noteworthy leadership qualities. I would definitely recommend Andy to any future employer or organization.

Ron Jacklin, UX Design Instructor (+ CEO, Information Architect @Media FX Group)